Monday, November 23, 2015

2016 Kia Rio 5-Door From a Dealership in El Paso: Comfort and Convenience

Storage has always been a huge consideration for car owners, especially if they tend to travel a lot. Unfortunately, bags on the seat or on the floor hardly do any favors for convenience, particularly when they use up precious leg room. If being comfortable during long rides is important to you, consider purchasing the 2016 Rio 5-Door Hatchback.

Space is Comfort

Comfortable seating is a basic need. More than just getting a nice seat trim, though, is the 6-way adjustable seat for the most important person in the car--the driver. The front seats of the Rio 5-Door are heated as well, keeping things toasty just right. Don’t worry, though, because even the rear seats have heater ducts. Just imagine resting your head against the rear-seat adjustable headrests, putting down the center console with its sliding armrest and storage area, and watching the steam rise from your beverage sitting snugly in the cup holders.

Technology is Convenience

Tiny details can make or break a car. From the one-touch power windows to the power door locks and remote keyless entry, the good news is you can travel feeling a little bit more secure knowing that you are in control of your Rio 5-Door Hatchback.

As for entertainment, you can choose to play your music via the steering wheel-mounted audio control buttons, or just use bluetooth. However, make sure you keep your eyes on the road or on the rear-camera display should you be backing up. If you need help with navigation, you can rely on the Navigation with Sirius XM Traffic feature to get you out of a bind.

With the 2016 Kia Rio 5-Door, you enjoy all your creature comforts. Check out a Kia dealership in El Paso to get more information on its specifications.

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