Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2016 Kia Rio from a El Paso Dealership: Top Safety Features

Safety is a top priority of the 2016 Kia Rio. Because of this, it offers features designed to protect you and your passengers. Wherever you go or whatever adventure you embark on, you can rely on the 2016 Rio to have your back. Some of its safety features work to avoid loss of control to keep you and your passengers safely in your seats.

Keeping You In Your Seat

The Rio features an advanced airbag system that prevents injuries. Combined with a set of fitted seat belts, the system controls airbag inflation based on the level of impact. It also monitors the presence of a front-seat passenger, activating upon impact to reduce the risk of injuries.

Maintaining Vehicle Control

One cause of road accidents is the loss of control. This is why it’s crucial to always have a tight grip of the wheels. The 2016 Rio helps you do just that with the Electronic Stability Control. This lets you maintain directional stability so that you won’t drift off your intended path. Another feature is the Vehicle Stability Management that assists you in case you lose control. By adding steering direction control capability, you can immediately regain control.

These are only some of the safety features of the 2016 Rio. There are others that are installed to get you and your passengers to your destination safely. To find out more about these other features, visit a Kia dealership in El Paso.

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