Thursday, October 1, 2015

Financing Options to Purchase a 2015 Kia Soul

Many Kia dealerships in El Paso, TX and nearby areas offer new and used vehicles at affordable prices. Kia vehicles like the quirky yet impressive 2015 Kia Soul are popular due to their reliability and modern features. These cars come with a variety of entertainment options, such as the Pandora and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. The UVO models allow drivers to use their voice to manage the features in their cars. Many of the newer models also include voice-command navigation systems.
Financing Options for Kia Vehicles

Unless you have the cash on hand to purchase your 2015 Kia Soul at full price, financing is the best way to immediately get possession of your new car. The dealership will review your credit and financial situation. Based upon your down payment and the total price of the car, the dealership can give you an estimate of your monthly payments, interest rate, and the length of your contract. You can also key in your numbers into the finance tools online at Kia Motors Finance to help you find an estimate and vehicle to match your budget.

What to Bring into the Dealership

If you’re planning on financing your Kia vehicle, you should be prepared with the right documents to help facilitate the process of financing your car. You should bring at least two months of bank statements and your income statements. Be sure to have information for references to put on your application.

The lender will determine an adequate amount for your down payment based on your credit and income. The higher your down payment, the lower your monthly payments and total loan amount will be. Any trade-in vehicles may be applied as equity to your down payment. 

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